Jesus’ Agony

Every so often I come to a point where I start to question everything.  I question these memories, or my Others and how separated are they or if they are real.  I test whether or not the life I remember is the life i lived.  I get to a point where I am like, Oh … Continue reading Jesus’ Agony


A Memory for Monday

The memory I am going to share today is strange.  As always, if you have ptsd or did be careful of what you read.  Anything can be triggering!  This one involves partial memory of a ritual and punishment afterwards. This is a memory I recovered about a year and a half ago.  How do I … Continue reading A Memory for Monday

A Memory for Monday

Please use caution when reading my post if you are dealing with ptsd or did since reading any posts about my memories may be triggering. Today I mention angels, demon, switching personalities, catholicism *** One beautiful evening, when I was probably 19 years old, I found myself in the church parking lot with no memory … Continue reading A Memory for Monday