Prayer of Deliverance and Statement

Ideally this is done after making a good confession with an act of perfect contrition/sorrow for all sin

1.  Give Praise to the individual members of the Holy Trinity speaking to each of the Persons and then giving glory to the Godhead.  You can say a Glory Be.  Here is another prayer I found in an old Raccolta:

“With all our heart and voice we praise, we acknowledge, and we bless Thee, God the Father un-begotten, Thee, The only begotten Son, Thee, the Holy Ghost the Paraclete, oh holy and undivided Trinity!”

2.  Then you address a statement to whatever evil spirits or influences may be there.  This is not a prayer.  It’s the opposite of a prayer, but it is a statement to them.

“Every wicked and evil spirit or evil entity, even mute or deaf spirits or entities that may be bothering _________ and __________.  I bind you by the power of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to utter and absolute silence and to having no effect on these persons, on anyone around them, or on any of their surroundings wherever they may be.  I bind you by the power of the Precious Blood and the Most Holy name of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be utterly silent forever by the power of the Cross.”

3.  Then you pray to the Holy Ghost in your own words to come and fill the whole space of life where the evil has been operating.

Then it is advised to continue praying fervently to the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph, patron saints, and of course the Guardian Angels and holy Angels.

The deliverance can be done every morning and evening.  It can be done for the whole church, for a group of people, or individuals.



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