“I” vs. “We”

It has been a while since I have written, so this is gonna be off the cuff – free style.

Boy oh boy, there is constant criticism one way or another.

Thought heard from within:  “Don’t say ‘I’. I write ‘I’ way too much and nobody wants to hear you talk about yourself all the time”

So my response is this:  “But this is a personal blog.  There is no way around writing ‘I’ when I am writing about the way my brain works and my own personal past or present”

Then I get stuck.

What else stops me from blogging?  Every time I sit down to type, there is an urge to start at the beginning.  I review with a slightly poetic interior disposition how this all began.  How I began.  –but that’s wrong, No–  How We began.

Thing is, I don’t want to only write about how this all started.  Sometimes I want to write about how I am dealing with this currently as a wife and mother, but also as somebody who is discovering her own unique independence and sufficiency apart from programming and controls put in place by all the “Pavlovs” who raised me to be their dog.

Then We get stuck.

Last but not least are the excuses.

  • I don’t have the time to write
  • It’s impossible to focus on anything
  • Whatever I could get out and into a blog right now couldn’t possibly be helpful to anybody
  • There are too many interruptions
  • I’m not inspired enough
  • I am feeling too inspired in several areas
  • I shouldn’t take the time for myself, it’s selfish

There you go!  I give up before We even start!


Until next time,





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