Old Guitar

This morning my oldest red-head discovered something under my bed.  She had a guitar pic in her hand, and a huge smile on her face. She said, "Mom, I found something to make music!" My old guitar is something I always wanted to feel comfortable playing, but couldn't get around feeling so self conscious about … Continue reading Old Guitar


Princess Power!

Over the past week I took one daughter at a time to the store to pick up a doll.  Daughter G, who is 7 years old now, picked out the Princess Power Barbie doll with the blue hair.  Blue is her favorite color.  G is a sweetie, she reminds me of myself as a kid. … Continue reading Princess Power!

Connecting the Dots, emotional memory past and present

For the last week or so things have been so intense emotionally!  We have six daughters, so there is no shortage of emotions in this house!  Plus, we have one on the way - so I am an absolute hormonal wreck!  For the most part the problem is due to pregnancy just intensifying how I … Continue reading Connecting the Dots, emotional memory past and present